An Indiana based candle company recently decided to poke some fun at their neighbors to the east. An online company out of Fort Wayne called Simple Nature released a new scent known simply as "Ohio".

What makes it unique is that this scented candle is actually completely unscented to insinuate Ohio's dull blandness. The description even reads: “Not much to see. Not much to do.”

Let's turn the tabes. If they were ever to make a scented candle known as New York, what would it smell like? Maybe something along the line of New York's famous food staples, like pizza, bagels, or cheesecake? Maybe something to do with nature, like a scent that would mimic upstate's fall foliage?

Maybe it would smell like wine from the Finger Lakes?

Or perhaps something really unflattering? We keep reading about all the people leaving the state.

Let's hear your best submissions. Give it your best shot!

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