They may have never discovered the true identity of Jack the Ripper but there are some suspects and one is buried in Upstate New York.

I don't know what our dark obsession is with murderers but many people have a fascination with the twisted individuals who kill repeatedly. Jack the Ripper is one of the world's first notable serial killers. Jack the Ripper has made it on the screen several times over the years. From Hell starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham loosely told the story of the person who murdered at least 5 London women in late 19th century.

According to a website dedicated to Jack The Ripper resources, there are eight suspects of the killer's identity.

  • James Maybrick
  • Walter Sickert
  • Charles Cross
  • Montague Druitt
  • Aaron Kosminksi
  • George Chapman
  • Thomas Cutbush
  • Dr. Francis Tumblety

One of those suspects is buried here in New York. According to Wikipedia, Francis Tumblety immigrated to New York from Ireland. We don't know when but that as according to a census in 1850. Tumblety was a suspect for the murders after being arrested for indecency where the murders were taking place. He was visiting Europe when the women were killed.

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