The Hudson Valley has so much beauty to offer the residents who live here. There are several reasons why someone would want to live here. With that beauty and opportunity comes a large population. In any big city comes unwanted crime.

You have to admit that it is pretty bad when one of the most violent streets in the city has a police headquarters.

When you think of dangerous cities in the Hudson Valley you might immediately think about Poughkeepsie or Newburgh. What about Kingston, New York?

Just how bad is KIngston, New York when it comes to crime numbers?

Kingston, New York much like any other city has its fair share of crime. According to Neighborhood Scout, the medium sized city has a population of over 20,000 has a crime index of 21. Kingston is only safer than 21% of other cities according to these statistics. Neighbrhood Scout also reports that you have a 1 in 48 chance of experiencing property crime committed against you and a 1 in 256 chance of being a victim of violent crime in Kingston.

Here is a list of streets in Kingston, New York that have all received failing grades when it comes to violent crime statistics. You have significantly higher odds of being a victim of violent crime when you're waling these areas. You should be cautious in these Kingston neighborhoods.

Here are the 7 streets where the most violent crime occurs in Kingston according to Crime Grade.

Here's the list below as it compares to some other Hudson Valley cities:

7 Most Violent Streets in Kingston, New York

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