I've got to warn you. This story is pretty cheesy.

Does Velveeta's origin story begin in the Hudson Valley?

New York is the birth place of many great and important inventions. You might not know this but JELL-O, chicken nuggets, the tuxedo, potato chips and even toilet paper were all invented in New York.

If there's one thing that New Yorkers love it's cheese. Today is National Cheese Lover's Day. Can you guess New York's favorite cheese? A study just determined each state's favorite and we learned that the New York's is mozzarella cheese. Seems obvious if you think about it. It is a key ingredient to our favorite food, pizza.

What is your favorite cheese?

One on my list has always been Velveeta. It just makes every cheesy recipe so much better. I swear I learn more and more about the Hudson Valley every day.


Did you know that Velveeta cheese began right here locally?

According to Hudson Valley Magazine, Velveeta got it's start in Monroe in the early 1900's. Another cheese factory in Pennsylvania would ship all their end pieces and by-products to the Monroe location and it was discovered that all of it mixed together made a smooth delicious result. That's what we know as Velveeta today. Hudson Valley Magazine also reports that the factory was later sold and then closed down for running a moonshine operation.

Did you have any idea that Velveeta had started in New York?

Can we call Velveeta a local cheese?

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