What would make a person yell that at someone else?

We get all kinds of messages from fans of the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, some ask for advice with an issue they are dealing with. Others are yelling at us for something that one of us said on the air that the person writing us doesn't agree with, yes that happens a lot!! LOL!!

Sometimes fans like to share something tat happened to them and this morning that's exactly what Kim wanted to do. She texted us that, while she was at work the other day a fellow coworker that she hadn't seen in person in quite sometime came over to her to say hi. As she came closer to me, I asked her if she was vaccinated or not? She stopped in her tracks and got loud with me and said "HOW DARE YOU ASK ME THAT?"

Kim went on to say that she just froze and didn't know what to say, "I wasn't expecting that". Is it OK to ask coworkers if they're vaccinated or not? Kim did tell us that the coworker never answered and hasn't talked or looked at her since she asked.

Does it bother you if someone asks you if your vaccinated or not? Both Jess and I agree that it doesn't bother either of us, but one thing that does is that if you ask and don't agree with our choices, don't start to tell us all of the reasons why you disagree with us. That's the part of this I can't stand...LOL!!

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