There are just some things that all people should just know. One of those things is CPR, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Do you know what it is? You might have seen in on a TV program, where there is a person who isn't breathing, so the main actor in the series bends over the person (who's on the ground) and gives them CPR. 

What exactly is CPR?



CPR is a series of chest compressions, which attempt to get a person's blood flowing again and the person breathing again. Is that oversimplified? A little. In order to perform CPR correctly you will need to get training.

Where in the Hudson Valley can you get certified CPR training?

CPR First Aid Training Concept

There are a few places where you can get training. Probably the most known place for persons to get this training is through the American Red Cross. They offer classes both in person and also online.

Are there places that will come to your school or business and teach CPR?

CPR First Aid Training Concept
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Yes, there are. Depending on the number of people, the Red Cross is open to discussing this option with you. There is also a company in the Hudson Valley called, Hudson Valley Lifesavers, who will come and train you not only on CPR, but also on the use of Automatic Defibrillators, and First Aid Training.


Another location, and possibly more convenient, depending on where you are located, is your local community college, through their adult ed or continuing education programs.

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If you know of a place where people can learn CPR in the Hudson Valley, let us know about it.

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