With all the things that COVID-19 shut down this year we could only hope that it would put an end to these familiar scams that take money from people. Unfortunately, it seems the scams are still doing well, so it is important that we keep our guard up. All of us are vulnerable right now and the last thing we need is to fall victim to one of the latest scams.

Earlier today (September 14, 2020) the Ulster County Sheriff shared via Facebook that scams are alive and well. Even the Sheriff's office admits that the pandemic has not slowed the scammers. They especially want all of us to be alerted to a particular scam that is currently being perpetrated around the country. This scam is one where someone calls claiming you have a relative in legal trouble. They ask for money and need it sent via wire transfer or an alternate currency card. The Sheriff used the example of a Green Dot Card. In some cases they have even asked the scam victim to meet in person to obtain cash posing as a defense lawyer and/or prosecutor.

The Sheriff is reminding everyone to always verify and confirm information before handing over any money. Identifying the person calling on behalf of someone is extremely important. These scammers have been known to even represent themselves as a law enforcement agent. If you have been or suspect you maybe a victim of one of these scams be sure to contact you local law enforcement.

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