Uber will be coming to the Hudson Valley next week, but the man who built the company won't be involved. 

Due to a federal investigation and claims of sexual harassment, CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned from the company he co-founded eight years ago. There had been increasing pressure from his board and investors for him to do so. The company has not yet announced who will be replacing him.

So how does this effect Uber coming to the area next week? It probably won't at first, but it looks like the company is trying to find a more sustainable business model, and that could change how Uber operates. As it happens now, the company is pretty vulnerable to expensive lawsuits, which makes sense considering anybody with a car can be an employee if they want to be. Since we're just getting it now, the Hudson Valley could be the first to see this new version of Uber.

Kalanick tried to help the company grow quickly by picking fights with everyone, and while that might work in the short-term, it's tough to build long-term business relationships when everyone thinks you're a jerk.

What do you guys think? Are you still excited about Uber coming to the Hudson Valley, or are you going to use Lyft when faced with a need to get around?

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