A bag of money that belonged to an armored car company seems to have disappeared. Now it looks like authorities have found their culprits. The NY Daily News is reporting that the bag, that was on its way to Miami.

The Daily News says one of the Delta employees first saw the bag while scanning and loading luggage onto Flight 1225. The plan was only unfolding at that point, as the worker then placed the bag on a trailer and drove off to a parking lot at the airport. According to a document, that's when the accomplice pulled up ten minutes later and later exited with the first vehicle. The Daily News says the van later returned to the terminal without the first man, who later checked back in to the terminal on his own.

The first man then called in sick the next day, which immediately raised suspicion. the FBI arrested him the following day and charged him with grand larceny. The second man was charged with theft from an aircraft in Brooklyn Federal Court, according to the Daily News.

More details as they develop.

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