He was spotted in Orange County.

If you are a fan of the hit TV show Gold Rush, you know the name "Doser Dave". It's the nickname of Dave Turnin, who is one of the stars of the Discovery Channel's hit television show Gold Rush.

Dave was spotted over in Pine Island yesterday as he is building a truck with Ed Golden from Golden Custom Cars located in Pine Island, New York.

Here is Dave arriving in Orange County. (In the video, he says he's in New Jersey but later corrected the location in the video title.)

I watched the first few seasons of the show that followed Todd and his dad, Jack Hoffman, around Alaska is hopes of finding gold. It showed the mining process from start to finish and introduced us to Dave who was part of Todd's crew.

The show debuted back in 2013 and the Discovery Channel just got done airing season 7 as it debuted in October of 2016, according to Wikipedia.

No word on if there will be an eighth season of the show.

Bonus Video: CJ in the Morning

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