Even though prices at the gas pumps will be higher than they've been since 2014, that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from doing a little travelling for the long Memorial Day weekend.

According to AAA, they estimate that more than 36 million Americans will travel by car with about a million taking to the skies. With all this travelling, planning ahead is key. Packing a little patience into your weekend bags along with your clothes wouldn't hurt either.

For instance, if you wait to get out of town until Friday afternoon after work, you shouldn't be surprised that there may be traffic. While in some cities, Thursday is the big travel day, according to AAA , in New York it's Friday afternoon. This could mean your travel time could be doubled, just something to keep in mind.

Plus, before you take any road trip, it's always a good idea to check your car over. How is the battery, are your tires good, do you have windshield wiper fluid, have you checked the oil? By making sure that you have a fully-charged phone, plus your phone's charger could be a life-saver should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

A first-aid kit is good to have, and many retail stores sell them already put together for you. Bring water and snacks and have fun getting out of town for a well-deserved break, but be careful on the roads. We want everyone safe and sound back home next week.

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