As a kid this was absolutely the best treat my mom could give us for dinner.

At this point I have lost track as to how many days we have all been on "pause" during all this COVID-19 stuff but one thing I do know is that when I have my kids I'm starting to run out of dinner ideas. I can only imagine how parents who have their kids full time are feeling at this point.

Have you started to run out of ideas for dinner each night? If you're working on the front lines during the pandemic we are still taking nominations for our Feeding Frontline Families program and you can still nominate yourself or someone you know for dinner on us. Fill out our nomination form here.

If you've run though your entire recipe book since this all started and are struggling to come up with an idea for dinner tonight or at some point in the near future we have the solution for you.

Why not do breakfast for dinner tonight? How awesome is it to have breakfast for dinner, I remember when I was younger and living at home my mom every afternoon would tell us what she was making for dinner that night. I remember her yelling it out to us, she would be like, "pork chops tonight", or "it's meatloaf tonight guys" and we would all react the same way. We would be like ugh OK...LOL.

Every once and a while she would yell out, "breakfast for dinner tonight" and we would all react like we won the lottery. She would go all out, pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, all of it and I have to tell you, I still do it this way for my kids today.

If you are looking for some suggestions for breakfast for dinner tonight here are the top 5 breakfast for dinner suggestions..

Top 5 Breakfast for Dinner Suggestions

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