We're giving medical staff and first responders so much praise right now as we absolutely should but what about everyone else who is putting themselves in harms way for you every single day for very little money?

Nurses and doctors are the heroes we need right now and quite frankly, they're heroes all of the time and not just during a crisis. It goes without saying that they deserve praise. During this time there are a lot of jobs that are deemed essential that might not seem very heroic under normal circumstances but they certainly deserve more praise right now as many of us would not be able to function without them.

Many essential workers are noticing that some are making a significant more amount of money on unemployment than they are on the front-lines.

I'm not comparing these jobs to other essential workers right now and I'm sure I'm missing g a few from this list. Whether we're getting has on the way to work, buying essential groceries or ordering things we need online because we can't go to store, these employees need a little more respect these days.

If you are an essential worker who has to to come in contact with dozens or hundreds of strangers everyday I just want to give you my thanks.

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