In these uncertain times, it's difficult to decipher what's real and what isn't. Especially when it comes to information from businesses you frequent.

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union released information this week regarding a current scam making the rounds. According to their social media post, they tell customers to "Be wary of scams, especially callers claiming to be someone from HVFCU Contact Center or HVFCU 'fraud department.'"

These scammers will ask to text you while you're on the phone with them to get your information like your Pin number, internet banking credentials or the status of you Stimulus Check.

HVFCU reminds us that they will never ask you to text with them while on a call. They also add that when receiving a call asking for personal information to take a moment before answering any questions.

If you're asked to answer "yes" to a question, giving personal information through text while on a phone call and providing important banking information HVFCU recommends stopping the phone call.

For more details, you can view the statement HVFCU provided to the East Fishkill Police Department below:

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