The Ulster County Fair has been on everyone's mind the last few days. The gates to the fair open tomorrow (Tuesday July 30th) and there will be a group of people who have been looking forward to the fair all year. Not going and showing our support would be so disappointing to the group of people who have worked on their 4-H projects for the fair.

There may be lots of reasons you are thinking of skipping the fair this year but please realize their is a group of kids that have worked hard and are hoping to have a big fair week.We need to keep them in our plan. Bunnies, Chickens, goats, cows, horses, milk shakes and the group of kids behind all of it are all part of the fair 4-H experience every year.

The Ulster County Fair always has amazing agricultural experiences that is hands on for all fair goers. This year will be no different. The Agricultural Awareness Tent will let kids milk Lucy Lou the cow. There are apple trees so kids can learn about apple picking. Kids can gather eggs from an old fashion hen nest. Plus you can dig for potatoes, dress a scarecrow and more.

So what are the three reasons to go to the fair?

Craig Morgan - One show at 8 PM July 31st (included in fair admission)

Fair Food - Your wait all year and save calories all summer. Don't deny yourself a fried Oreo this week.

and the most important is the 4-H - a group of kids who have worked hard all year to get to the fair and need your support

The Ulster County Fair is located on Libertyville Road in New Paltz. It will be open daily this week. There are pay-one price options for the whole family.

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