Correction: The thief was not wearing the WPDH t-shirt by the time she got to Stewart's. She left behind ski passes, not concert tickets. We're thankful to Stewart's staff for their efforts in helping us and authorities identify who stole our property.

We recently had the computer from our front desk stolen by a very fashionable WPDH fan.

On Saturday Aug. 26, a woman decided it would be a good idea to enter our building and steal some concert tickets and our computer.

So, needless to say, this created many conversations come Monday morning.

Here's what we know (or at least have heard) and figured out.

As you see in the video, the woman very cautiously enters the building. Upon entering, she treated herself to some delicious water from our cooler.

She then ruffled through the desk drawers, stealing a WPDH T-shirt, which she put on right away. (I'm assuming to look like an employee in the event of encountering someone else in the building.)

She also stole concert tickets from the drawer. She then decided, "What the hell? I'm taking the computer too!" After unhooking everything, she walked off with the computer tower and monitor.

Now here's where it gets interesting...

After leaving the building with the stolen equipment and concert tickets, the girl decided to stop by the Stewart's Shop around the corner... wait for it...

The woman filled out a job application at Stewart's and left the stolen ski passes on the counter. Doh!

The people at Stewart's assumed she was an employee of ours and called us to let us know that the ski passes had been left behind.

Since she filled out a job application, that means the police have all her information.

The police are currently investigating this incident.




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