I know I’ve told the story about how I grew up in New Windsor in Orange County. And when I was old enough to drive my friends and I would often head to Sugar Loaf, In the late 1970s Sugar Loaf was an artist’s town with a cool hippie vibe. Exactly the kind of place I liked to hang out.

Sugar Loaf was sort of Orange County’s version of Woodstock. There were candle makers, jewelry makers, cool clothing shops, places where you good buy vintage records. I remember my friend Dan bought a folk art mandolin that wasn’t really playable but it looked awesome. I coveted it for years, and he finally gave it to me. It still hangs on my dining room wall, and every time I look at it I have fond memories of Sugar Loaf.

Photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff
Photo by Donna Parish-Bischoff

Eventually I moved to Dutchess County and have only been to Sugar Loaf a few times over the past several years, I’m happy to say that Sugar Loaf is still a very cool town with lots of festivals that feature live music and artist displays, The Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center is awesome and they feature some really great shows. And the shops are awesome, which leads me to tell you about this new discovery.

I just found out that there is a cool store at 62 Wood Road in Sugar Loaf called Practical Magick, where you will find tarot cards, jewelry, incense and more. It looks like they even have a beautiful resident black cat. I haven’t been, but my Facebook friends who embrace the mystical lifestyle all year absolutely love it and had only great things to say. Some people like the mystical all years, others this time of year, but either way, a visit to Sugar Loaf and Practical Magick sounds like a plan.

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