Some bathrooms stink. Luckily, one Hudson Valley bathroom gives a crap.

When you're on the go, it's important to have a clean place to squat. A store right here in the Hudson Valley has the shiniest thrones.

The Hudson Valley is full of commuters. Whether we are traveling locally, to the city or people are passing through our area we all want the same thing in a convenience store. We want affordable gas, good food, amazing coffee and, apparently, spotless bathrooms.

There's nothing worse than having an emergency situation and pulling into a store with a disgusting bathroom.

Gasbuddy has released a map of the cleanest restrooms by each state. As of last year, 7 Eleven was in charge. This year, a local winner has taken the crown. Stewart's Shops is now home to the cleanest commodes. Yes, Stewart's Shops has the best gas station bathrooms in all of New York.

"We're instructed to clean the restrooms every two hours."

- Stewart's Shops employee.

Thank you Stewart's Shops for being an example in excellence of excretion extraction.

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