I remember seeing my first ever movie at a drive-in theater. My mom and I got pillows and blankets and drinks and food and loaded up the car and off we went. Lady & The Tramp was playing, and I really don't remember much about the movie but I can probably tell you everything about the theater. There were trucks there with people in lawn chairs in the bed, vans backed in with the doors open and people in them, pickup trucks with people laying in the back and a bunch of cars too.

I remember walking to get popcorn and using the restroom and heading back to watch the movie.

The screen was SO big, I was just amazed.

There was a short time that those theaters didn't look like they would make it. Some closed and some were on the verge of closing, but they made a comeback and I'm really glad they did.

One Hudson Valley drive-in is doing so well that it made Wide Open Country's list of the top 30 Drive-In Theaters in America. In fact, it's so good that it made the top 10.

Warwick Drive-In in Warwick, NY has been ranked #7 of the top 30 drive-ins in America.

Looking for a date night?  Load up the car, get comfy and enjoy some retro while experiencing in my opinion what should be the BEST drive-in in America. You don't have to see Lady & The Tramp but I recommend it. Then you can tell me what it's actually about.

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