The term 'cidiot' might go extinct as the amount of people moving to the Hudson Valley show no signs of stopping.

Have you noticed the Hudson Valley has gotten a little more crowded in recent years? It may be safe to assume that we might see more people moving to this area and there's a good reason.

When did you move to the Hudson Valley? Did you grow up here or are you a transplant who moved here for a better opportunity? If you are in the second group you are not alone.

Mass Amount of Residents Moving to the Hudson Valley

There have been a lot of complaints over the past year about people flocking or escaping to the Hudson Valley. What if I told you this wasn't a new trend? What if I told you the rise in population didn't spring from the pandemic?

According to 24/7 Wall Street, more financial opportunity has led to an increase in one Hudson Valley area's population. They report that numbers from the census have shown a growth of over 1% over the past 10 years in the Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metro area. The total population of that area in 2020 was 678,527. They listed the whole metro area as one city.

One of the biggest factors is the household's median income which was significantly higher than New York City's.

I can understand when people make the argument why they don't like visitors from the city crowding the roadways and local hot spots on the weekend but I don't think it holds much water when they move here, pay taxes, support local businesses and possibly even work here.

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