A friend of mine who lives in Ulster County has been looking for the perfect dessert to serve her in-laws on Christmas Eve. She doesn’t have time to make anything, not that she’s an experienced baker anyway. She wants the dessert to look festive and impressive and she also wants it to taste good. Too much to ask? She found her answer right in Kingston, and she can’t stop talking about the festive looking desserts she picked up. Where did she end up?

My friend went to Uptown Kingston to do some shopping and stopped in at Deising's Bakery just to see what they had to offer. She says she walked into a Christmas Dessert Wonderland. It was also the answer to her problem. So I looked up Deising’s on Facebook to get an idea of what she’d been raving about, and I must admit, the desserts look awesomely festive. Want a peek?

This Hudson Valley Bakery Really Knows How to Do Christmas

The Festive Desserts at Deising's Bakery

You’ve still got a couple of days to get your family a beautiful holiday creation, and while you’re in Uptown Kingston you might want to check out some of the cool stores like Bop to Tottem, ExitNineteen, and the very cool Kingston Consignments. Have a sweet holiday season!

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