A new law in New York could mean the end for some of state's smaller political parties. The NY Post is reporting that Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed the mandate, that says every political party must now get at least 130,000 votes, or 2 percent of the total presidential vote. This is a big increase from the previous 50,000 votes needed. Also, candidates who want get on the ballot must now get 45,000 petition signatures from registered voters.

Basically, if you don't meet the new numbers, then your party is off the ballot. Some have decried the move as undemocratic and even "abhorrent". Many have said this merely is power grab by Cuomo and his allies during a time of crisis. Does this all stem from Cuomo's bad blood with the Working Families Party in 2018?

There are many across the state, and the nation for that matter, who are tired of the old two party system. Some crave more options rather than the same Republican or Democratic candidates every two to four years. For those who support other third parties, such as; the Independent Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, or the Working Families Party etc., the new law could come as very unwelcome news.

During the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, the Conservative Party was the only third party to exceed 130,000 votes in New York. Some who back the Governor's law say the adjusted numbers actually help taxpayers in the long run. Others have even said that this will weed out so called "sham parties". Wonder what that means for this guy? 

But there's other, even smaller parties within the state. The Constitution Party, the Communist Party, and even the Prohibition Party are still around. And who could forget the Rent Is Too Damn High Party? Then, of course, there's always a write-in candidate. Did you know a 16 year-old high school student from Green County actually ran in 2016?

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