With schools reopening across the Hudson Valley over the next few days, here are a few things to remember before you post any back to school pictures.

If you spend anytime on social media websites over the next few days most of us will be bombarded with those back to school pictures that show off the kids holding those picture boards that have a bunch things about the child on them.

Now don't get me wrong, I love seeing all of those pictures every year, but posting some of that information can be a little dangerous according to one of the many school districts in and around the Hudson Valley.

According to the Germantown Central School District Facebook page parents and family members need to, "THINK BEFORE YOU SHARE: Back to School Photos". The school district put the warning out because some types of these photos can reveal some personal information about your children that can be used by "predators, scammers, and other people looking to endanger your child, family, or finances.

The school district also said that no matter how you have your privacy settings set up online, "it's best to keep personal information on the internet at the bare minimum."

Things That Parents Shouldn't Share in Back to School Pictures

School name
Teacher's name and grade
Identifying features (height, weight, etc.)
Overly personal information (think items related to passwords or security question answers, etc.)

Another great suggestion if you plan on posting any pictures like the one below is make sure that when you look at the picture be sure that your house and mailbox numbers are not visible in the picture you choose to post.

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