They say lightning doesn't strike twice? Well, it did at one home in New York state when police say an uninvited guest broke into the house not once, but twice. Did we also mention this suspect is accused of breaking into this home twice in the same day? This could very well be your dumb criminal of the week story.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office says they were called to the house in Mayfield, NY late Thursday afternoon, and then left. But police say they'd be right back at the same home soon after, when a second break-in allegedly happened. Police found a 21-year-old man from Broadalbin at the scene of the crime, who also admitted to the earlier burglary. Police says the suspect knows the victim who owned the house, but there are few other details at this time.

This may be a case of some turkey breaking into a home that isn't there's, but did you hear about this story from Spring 2021? This involved another sort of turkey breaking into a home. And in this case, it was an actual turkey. One New York state woman was shocked to find that a wild turkey had broken into her home, and proceeded to wreck havoc in an upstairs room. Pix 11 says that the menacing bird crashed through a bedroom window of the home in Erie County, before wildly flying around, as it demolished mirrors and smashed into walls like there was no tomorrow.

The turkey was later cornered into a bathroom, and NY Department of Environmental Conservation officers were able contain it with a fishing net. DEC says that the bird acted alone, and was later set free with no charges filed. The officers were even nice enough to help the woman clean up the giant mess left behind by the turkey.

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