Did you just buy a home? Is there someone in your life who is a new homeowner? There are a few things that they are going to need, and you could be the person to help them out with these important items. You can pass this list along to them, or you can take the list with you to the hardware store so you don't pass anything up.

Plus, use your own experience to add items to the list. Did you really need a staple gun? Then add one to the list. PS, I love my staple gun and actually have two sizes because you never know when you are going to need either one. Here is the list.

What do new New York Homeowners really need when they move into their house?


There are many things that a new homeowner will need. You can look like the biggest superhero for sharing these things with them. Here is the list of items, in no particular order, they are all important:

  • Plunger: there are many types, but the one to go with in this situation is the Beehive style or the traditional plunger
  • Measuring tape: New homeowners are going to need this to measure windows, floors, carpets, drapes, etc. Go for the one that is at least 25 feet.
  • Cleaning supplies: This includes everything from dish soap/ dishwasher soap to garbage bags and toilet bowl scrubbers.
  • Shower Curtain (unless they have shower doors): Even if they can't use this for the shower, they can use this as a drop cloth when they go to paint or to do a home project.
  • Step stool: One with two or three steps is better, just in case your new homeowner hasn't picked up a ladder.

Is this everything? Oh, no it isn't! Keep reading, there are more things that your new homeowner friend is going to need. 

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How else can a new homeowner get it together and keep their homeowning experience smooth?


Get the new homeowner a three-ring binder, so they can put the new appliance manuals into it. Make sure that they include the date they purchased it, along with the receipt, and things like the dates of the last furnace or air conditioner cleaning and the size of the filters you need, be it for the whole house water filter or for the furnace.

What else would be a great gift for someone who just bought a new house in New York State?


Another great thing to help your friends out would be a gift card for everything from the home improvement store to the grocery store, as they need to stock the home. What else would be a great gift? Offer to help them move, get rid of boxes, or even be willing to help them clean or paint. Your gift could be something as valuable as your time and your friendship.

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