The Verve Pipe have announced a return to the Hudson Valley. They'll play a show this summer at Daryl's House in Pawling on Thursday August 10th.

Tickets are on sale now and start at a very reasonable $20 bucks. For an extra $10 you can guarantee yourself a table and get a nice dinner before the show.

In addition to the Verve Pipe gig, Daryl's House has some other cool shows coming up like Cracker acoustic on June 8th, Tim Reynolds (of Dave Matthews Band) on July 5th, and Fastball on July 30th. Remember them? Great band! For the full list of shows you can link up HERE.

Back to The Verve Pipe, we get easily distracted. Last time they came through town, they stopped by to perform two songs in studio with Simon. Check out exclusive versions of 'Colorful' and 'The Freshman'.


'The Freshman'

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