We watch people strut their stuff on the red carpet every year, but have you ever wondered how much that red carpet cost?

The Oscars showcase the excellence in cinematic achievements as voted by members of the Academy. Each winner receives the golden statue, which is gold-plated with 24 karat gold and valued at an estimated $400.

Speaking of the value of things, let's breakdown the Oscars by the numbers. The prices of some of these things will leave you speechless. Wallethub compiled the prices of pretty much everything that happens at the Oscars.

That famous 16,500 square-foot red carpet that you see all the celebrities walked down costs a whopping $24,700. It also takes a crew of 18 workers 900 hours to install the red carpet.

That's chump change compared to the price that an A-list actress spends on her Oscar ensemble. The total cost of an A-list actress' ensemble is $10 million! Cate Blanchett holds the record for most expensive ensemble at $18.1 million.

The total cost of the Oscars ceremony is $44 million.


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