Some may complain, but New York during the winter is absolutely beautiful and has some perks.

One of those perks is being able to take a front seat to nature. From the end of December through February New Yorkers are watching for eagle migration. Here in the Hudson Valley, Bowdoin Park is a popular stop for eagles to nest and get ready for the spring.

One of the most beautiful visions you can see is an eagle flying across the Hudson river.

However, one eagle is sidelined from flying for a big. A little further upstate in Deerfield,  part of Oneida County, the DEC was contacted by a group of snowmobiler's that there was an eagle in need of assistance. The picture below was taken by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer Jeff Hull.


Officer Hull went through great lengths to help the bald eagle, climbing down 70 feet to the 9 mile creek. The eagle had a broken wing, but is safe and recovering at a "wildlife rehabilitator in Utica" according to the DEC Facebook page.