The Hudson Valley will see the opening of its very first Sake brewery as the Culinary Institute of America partners with a leader in the field. According to a press release from Governor Cuomo's office, The Asahi Shuzo Company will occupy the former Stop & Shop location on Route 9 in Hyde Park.

The partnership will bring jobs and tourists so the benefit to the area will be measurable. The $28 million investment is expected to create 32 new jobs. The announcement was made Thursday at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. Construction on the brewery is expected to begin this spring and will open in early 2019. When it reaches full capacity, it'll produce a whopping 332,640 gallons of sake per year.

Another element of the deal includes research and development opportunities where the CIA and Asahi Shuzo will collaborate on how by-products from the sake making process can be used in cooking. There's also the potential for new sake based products.

You can see the announcement at the 54-minute mark if you don't feel like sitting through the whole thing.

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