I've lived in the Hudson Valley for almost 4 years now and I had no idea I was less than an hour away from Heineken's headquarters.

People in the Hudson Valley love their food and their beers. How important those two are probably depend on who you ask. I don't really have a favorite cocktail or beer. I can drink whatever is in front of me. I'm not saying I will I'm just saying that I can. My taste in beer is extremely adaptable.

If I had to pick out my favorite bottled beers I would say that Heineken could make my top five. Am I the only one in the Hudson Valley who didn't know that Heineken had an American HQ in the Hudson Valley?

According to Heineken USA, they have a headquarters in White Plains.

How cool is this? Who new such a major brew was made so close to home? Are we supporting local jobs with this beer?

When we are back to normal and the coronavirus pandemic is behind us do you think that they'll offer tours? If I get to hang out at the Heineken headquarters I'll feel like Charlie getting to go inside the chocolate factory.

Heineken does offer tours in Amsterdam but it's currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Are there other major companies that have offices or roots in the Hudson Valley? If you know of any be sure to let me know.

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