The creepy new Netflix series that was produced by James Wan is supposed to take place in the Hudson Valley. Where was it filmed?

If you're like me you can't get enough of the horror movie genre. Good scary movies are hard to in these days. James Wan is known for making terrifying and unique horror movies. James Wan is a director and a producer who has films like Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring and The Nun to his credit. I was excited to see he had a large role in one of  Netflix's newest shows, Archive 81.

The series is about a man who is hired to digitialize some old video tapes that may have filmed some sinister events that may have taken place at a New York City apartment building. Honestly, I can't spoil the show for you even if I tried as I have only seen one episode. I will tell you that it's pretty good so far and it's obvious anyone watching is in for a scary and nail-biting ride.

The first episode was loaded with Hudson Valley references but something was a bit off. It may have been set in the Hudson Valley but it was blatantly obvious that the movie had no ties to our region. The main character has to work in a remote facility in the Catskills. While he driving to the facility his boss mentions how he was raised in Westchester County and grew up in "the Hudson River Valley" of New York.

Who talks like that around here? That' when I realized it probably wasn't made here or even written by New Yorkers. According to Cinemaholic, it was filmed in Pennsylvania mostly in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. It may not be made in New York and that's a bummer but it's still entertaining and worth a chance if y

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