I'm not sure about everyone else, but I feel like this summer is flying by pretty quickly. Even though I feel like my daughter just got off the bus for her last day of school yesterday, it is somehow the 3rd week of July and the 'back to school' chatter is starting to heat up.

While kids across the Hudson Valley are likely dreading the idea of going shopping for supply list items already, many teachers are likely working their way through the list of things they need to replenish their classroom supplies.

Target Offers 20% Off Purchase For Teachers

Now I'm not a teacher myself, but have plenty of family and friends who spend their days in the classroom. I've heard stories over the years about how much money teachers end up spending (out of pocket) in order to have the necessary resources and supplies in their classrooms to do their work effectively, so the fact that this major retailer offers a big discount for educators is a huge win.

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As part of the 'Target Circle' program, teachers are able to sign up for the teacher exclusive, now through August 26th.


I was able to easily find the offer on the Target app by clicking on 'My Target.' Educators will need to verify their status by uploading some information including school name, type of faculty, and so on.

Once verified, you'll have access to a 20% off coupon (that can be stacked with certain other offers, score) for one time use.

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V.Turco, canva
V.Turco, canva

There's also an option for college students as well, 20% off one storewide purchase.

Happy Shopping, Hudson Valley teachers!

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