It's a tasty addition to the menu that might not agree with that new diet of yours. But for just a buck, Nacho Fries are coming to Hudson Valley Taco Bell locations soon. The question is, will you give them a try when they become available on January 25th?

Taco Bell recently announced they'd be adding 20 $1 items to their menu as the fast food pricing war heats up. According to the press release on their website, there are three different options you can choose from. The standard fries go for $1. But you can also go Supreme or Bell Grande which includes additional toppings as you go.

Perhaps you've caught wind of the buzz Nacho Fries were coming. They were tested in West Virginia and California to positive reviews online.

With more than 7,000 locations across the country, Taco Bell has a lot of Nacho fries to make between now and January 25th. You can follow along for additional updates on Twitter using the #NachoFries hashtag.

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