A joint investigation was launched after a suspicious substance was located inside a Hudson Valley Courthouse.

On Wednesday, October 21, the New York State Police along with the Village of Chatham Police Department began a joint investigation after a suspicious substance was located in the Village of Chatham Court.

Original reports stated that the substance was enclosed in a letter that was mailed to the court, and the letter was included with that day's mail delivery. The investigation proved that the substance was there in the court prior to the mail being delivered.

The building was isolated while the investigation was being conducted, and nobody that was inside the building reported feeling ill or suffering from any other effect due to the suspicious substance. The Hazardous Materials teams were dispatched to the location to analyze to substance and make a determination in regards to if it is hazardous or nonhazardous.

Members of the State Police, NYS Fire, Columbia County Hazmat, and the Village of Chatham Fire Department conducted the joint investigation. During the course of the investigation, officials determined that the substance that was discovered in the courthouse was nonhazardous and was in fact there prior to the mail delivery.

Officials did not include what they determined the suspicious substance ended up being, just stated that it was nonhazardous according to a press release.

During the course of the investigation, there was no indication that the incident was a result of criminal behavior. Following the investigation, the court returned to their normal hours of operation.

The incident remains under investigation.


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