Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Summer day camps will open later this month.

On Tuesday during his COVID-19 briefing, Cuomo confirmed Summer day camps will open on June 29.

New York State officials are still reviewing the situation on sleepover summer camps.

On May 21, while closing schools until the fall, Cuomo said, as a parent, he wouldn't send his child to summer camps, until more is known about the rare disease in children.

State officials have been reviewing guidelines for summer camps. Officials have yet to release guidelines.

Officials have been worried about a rare illness in New York children that is likely linked to COVID-19. The inflammatory virus has killed a number of New York children, according to Cuomo.

Also on Tuesday, Cuomo announced more good news about COVID-19 across New York State. He said new COVID-19 hospitalizations reached an "all-time low," of 154. 58 New Yorkers died in the last 24 hours, around the same number the past few days.

Cuomo announced Western New York enters Phase 2 on Tuesday and the Captial Region should enter Phase 2 on Wednesday.

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