After being hit the hardest with coronavirus, officials say steps taken by New York to contain the virus is working better than most states.

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A new study by COVID Act Now says New York is one of only three states on track to contain COVID-19.

"New York State is one of only three states that are on track to contain the COVID-19 according to a study by Covid Act Now. We went from one of the highest infection rates to one of the lowest and we did it by making decisions based on the science, the data and the facts - not on politics," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

COVID Act Now calls itself "America's COVID warning system." It's a tool that was developed to help leaders and communities understand how the pandemic will affect regions across the country, officials say. New Jersey and Connecticut are the other two states on track to contain the virus, according to COVID Act Now.

COVID Act Now which is partnered with Georgetown University, Standford Medicine and Grand Rounds uses infection rate, positive test rate, ICU used and contract tracers to determine is a state is on track to contain the virus

New York

  • Infection Rate: 0.81
  • Positive Test Rate: 1.1%
  • ICU Used: 15%
  • Contract Tracers: 100%

"New York is finally coming back and I can't stress enough how important it is that we don't blow this incredible progress now. To all New Yorkers - wear a mask, get tested, socially distance, wash your hands and be smart," Cuomo said.

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