Phase 4 is just days away for half of New York State, but officials confirmed it's still unclear what will be allowed to reopen in Phase 4 of the state's four-phased COVID-19 reopening.

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Five of New Yorks' 10 regions are expected to reach Phase 4 on Friday. If all goes according to plan, the Hudson Valley will enter Phase 4 in two weeks, on Tuesday, July 7. However, New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed Phase 4 details are still being worked out.

On Tuesday around 7 a.m., Hochul was interviewed on the WPDH morning show about coronavirus. During the interview, Boris, from the Boris and Robyn show asked her what's included in Phase 4.

"What does Phase 4 look like at this point? Does that include gyms? Does that include shopping malls? Do we do even know at this point what that's going to include?" Boris asked Hochul.

"We don't know at this point," Hochul responded. "But you'll have a glimpse into your future very shortly because there are other parts of the state that will be (for Phase 4) on Friday. So, if the governor stays with the approximately two-week period (between phases) you'll see probably Thursday, Friday the latest what you can expect in Phase 4."

As of this writing, the New York State Forward website only has guidelines for Higher Education in Phase 4. The state currently lists "Arts / Entertainment / Recreation" and "Education" in Phase 4.

"Broadly the area's are education, arts, entertainment and more recreation," Hochul said on WPDH. "They (officials) have to define those and that's all going on right now.

Later a Tuesday, during a conference call with other New York leaders, New York's budget leader, Robert F. Mujica Jr., told other officials gyms, fitness centers, malls, shopping centers and movie theaters aren't a part of Phase 4, as many expected.

A New York State official confirmed the news to Hudson Valley Post Tuesday evening and said more information should be announced in the near future.

Hochul later told reporters in Erie County the businesses won't be part of an unannounced Phase 5, but each industry would individually be allowed to reopen at some point after Phase 4.

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