As part of the $84 million coming to the Hudson Valley to spur economic development, several hundred thousand of that will go towards a potential 50th anniversary concert to commemorate the original Woodstock.

The original location is home to Bethel Woods, where the concert field has been maintained. Just shy of $700,000 will go towards the planning of the event which would be a huge draw.

On-going improvements at the site include work on what was known as Bindy Bazaar. This was the area during the festival, much of the vending was done and was considered a crossroads of sorts. These upgrades will allow people to further explore the scene.

Several of the old street signs that were located along the walking paths will be restored as well. Signs with names like, 'Gentle Path', 'Groovy Way' and 'High Way' will tell you where to go.

These infrastructure improvements would certainly compliment a large scale festival to celebrate the 50th. While no official announcement has been made, we can only hope there is a possibility of getting a great line-up of bands to celebrate such a big anniversary.

Bethel Woods has kept the spirit of the music alive and operates as a non for profit entity. Consider grabbing a season pass and as always check out the museum if you're heading out to a show.


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