NYup.com has released its list of the Top 11 Man-Made Places to Explore when you are in upstate New York. One of the Hudson Valley's most popular destinations made the list. The Walkway over the Hudson appears number 6 in the article that was shared this week on Facebook.

When you consider all the natural wonders there are to visit in the Hudson Valley it is nice to know that we have some man-made places as well that make a trip to the area unique. Many people come to our region to take in the views, the history and the experiences we offer.

The Hudson River is a popular stop. Boaters and fishermen enjoy what the river has to offer from the surface but the Walkway offers an amazing way to experience the river from above. If you think about it you are really getting a man-made wonder and a nature-made wonder all wrapped up in one visit.

If you are planning a trip this year the list of the 11 man-made places to explore might be are great bucket list for your adventures. The list includes 10 other places to see in upstate New York in 10 different cities. All the locations are road-trip worthy. You could plan a long weekend in anyone of the towns or cities that made the list and not run out of things to do.

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