Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 12th and I thought I would share some fun facts about the special day.

More calls are made world wide on Mother's Day than any other day.  In fact, more than 120 million calls are made to moms.  It is the third highest selling day for flowers and plants.  Valentine's Day and Easter are the other 2.

Restaurants strive on Mother's Day and it is because it's the busiest day of the year.  I mean, the majority of guys and probably most women would rather take mom to eat then spend time, effort and possibly no skills trying to cook.

We as humans, say Mom because of the sound babies make.....Ma, Ma ma.

Mother's Day actually started in the late 1800's as Mother's Friendship Day where mothers gathered for some dinner and discussion.

The average person will spend money on mom but what she really wants, according to surveys of mom is to just spend time with you.

Happy Mother's Day.

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