Socialists will be fixing brake lights for free this weekend. I know this sounds strange but this isn't a joke. Jokes about socialism aren't funny unless everyone gets them.

The automotive industry has come along way. A high quality brake light can unbelievably last about 5-6 years. Certain LED bulbs can last even longer than that. These bulbs have such a long life expectancy that it is possible to forget to replace them.

Without three working brake lights on your car, you could get pulled over and your car will not pass a New York State inspection. It's also dangerous to you and other motorists when these lights fail.

Replacement brake light bulbs can run customers anywhere from $35 - $55.

Children are welcome and there will be food served as well.

Top 9 Corrupt New York Politicians

The resignation of New York Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin is the latest in a long line of political corruption in New York State. Over the past two decades, we here in New York have elected more than 30 current or former politicians to positions where they would later be convicted of various acts of corruption. Here are the Top 9.

The CDC Says You Should Mask Up In These 10 Upstate NY Counties

The CDC has designated these 10 Upstate New York counties as currently "high-risk" for COVID as of April 14, 2022 and is recommending residents wear masks because of that designation. The designation is based on the number of hospital admissions per 100,000 residents in a 7 day period. Most of the counties on this list are in Western NY, centered around the Syracuse and Binghamton areas. In the Capital Region, Albany and Rensselaer Counties are currently at medium risk.

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