Coming down with the flu is no walk in the park but sometimes the right companionship can go a long way in making a person feel better. Who says that a companion needs to be another human?

Young Dawson came down with the flu for the first time earlier this year and, according to his parents Bryan and Chelsea, didn't want anything to do with them when they tried to comfort him. But that wasn't the case when it came to one of the family pets. The photo above of Dawson and his dog Riddick caught the attention of The Dodo earlier this year and was also shared by well-known dog behaviorist Cesar Milan, which led to it going viral.

Having found a home here in the Hudson Valley, Riddick was rescued in 2015 from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. He arrived in the family household a year or so before Dawson was born. He, along with the family's other dog, Cambria, both pit bulls, have become like Dawson's big brothers and like to check up on him when he gets up from naps.

But going back to Dawson's bout with the flu earlier this year, it was Riddick who he looked to when he was sick. According to Junior, Riddick was sitting on an ottoman and Dawson climbed up and laid with him and he was able to capture the moment. The dog stayed and never moved for the hour-long nap that the sick boy so desperately needed.

Of course, when Dawson recovered and was feeling better, it was back to playtime with his two buddies Riddick and Cambria.

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