Have you watched a TV show or a movie, where the main character finds out that they are living near a registered sexual predator and they didn't know it? Does the knowledge that sex offenders potentially could be living next door to you?

Is there a chance that one of these registered sex offenders are actually living near you, or in your county? Yes, there is a chance. But what can you do about? How can you find out if someone is on the registry?

How can you find out where the registered sex offenders are in your New York county?

Believe it or not it comes down to a quick internet search. You can quickly search by county or by zip code, and then you can also eliminate persons who are currently incarcerated.

So how do you search for these predators or offenders?

While they are required to re-register with the system, each time they move, the persons do not always comply.

The New York State Public Registry of Sex Offenders, Search Link

How does this get more interesting? Only level 2 and 3 offenders are in this search engine. Persons who are on the registry, and are a level 3 offender is required to update their photo every year. If they are a level 2 offender, they only need to update their photo every three years.

What is the difference between a Level 1, Level 2 and a Level 3 offender in New York State?

  • Level 1 is considered to be low-level risk of re-offence.
  • Level 2 is considered to be a medium-level risk of re-offence.
  • Level 3 is considered to be a high-level risk of re-offence.

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