I don't how this news is going to make you feel, but personally it made me feel ancient. It's been 25 years since The Sandlot was released to movie theaters.

My childhood is flashing before my eyes.

The Sandlot is probably the most popular movie from the '90s about sports. You have movies like Angels in the Outfield, Mighty Ducks and Rookie of the Year that are all great, but don't measure up the classic that is The Sandlot.

At the beginning of baseball season this year, and years prior, a ton of MLB teams honored the movie by reenacting popular scenes. You've probably heard "You're killing me Smalls!" more than you'd like to admit.

Lucky for us, if you want to feel like a kid again, in celebration of it's 25th anniversary The Sandlot will be playing in theaters all across the U.S according to Fatherly.Com.

You can catch The Sandlot in theaters here in the Hudson Valley July 22 or July 24. It will be playing at the Regal Galleria Mall Stadium 16 in Poughkeepsie, AMC Palisades Center 21 in West Nyac and at the AMC Danbury 16 in Danbury.

For times and to purchase your tickets visit the Fathom Events website.


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