What can a sediment sample from the Hudson River teach us? How many birds of prey make their home in the Hudson Valley? Do you know how to tell if a stream is healthy or not? If you aren't sure that you can answer these questions, don't worry, most people can't.

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That's why it's a good thing that the Hudson River Research Reserve was created 35 years ago, to know the answers to these questions and more. They are part of a national research system with 29 coastal sites that help protect the nation's estuaries through research, education, and stewardship.

According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, they are inviting you to help them celebrate 35 years with an interactive "Science on the River" open house at Norrie Point Environmental Center on Saturday, September 23 from 2-5. Bring your family out and your kids can have fun taking samples, canoeing a tidal marsh on the Hudson, fishing the waters around Norrie Point, and more. Plus they'll have refreshments to complete the party.

Admission is free and most areas are also wheel-chair accessible. For more information, call 845-889-4745 ext. 109.

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