After announcing they were going out of business, a liquidation sale at this local dollar store is making some people shake their heads.

We reported last week that the Just A Buck store at the Hannaford Plaza in Wappingers Falls was closing after almost two decades in business. Now the store has announced a storewide sale that has left some people scratching their heads.

A. Boris

The "everything is one dollar" store has reduced their prices to -- wait for it -- 95 cents! That's right. items are now 5 cents off. Some people have responded to the sale with a resounding "eh," but others seem grateful for the modest savings.

To be honest, 5% off of regular pricing doesn't sound very enticing. But I guess it's a little more appealing than saying "buy 20 items get one free."

A. Boris

Before you rush in to save all those nickels, you should know that the 95 cent sale does not apply to helium balloons or cold drinks. For those items, you're going to have to pay a full dollar.