If one lawmaker has her way they will be.

According to the Daily News, an Assembly member, Linda Rosenthal has presented a new bill that would ban certain techniques used in rodeo competitions across the state. Some of the techniques that she would like to see banned include, calf roping, riders having sharpened spurs and the use of electric cattle prods.

She told the Daily News that, "“Rodeos are modern day gladiator games, blood sport masquerading as entertainment, make no mistake about it: Bull riding and other rodeo events are not family-friendly entertainment."

Rosenthal made these statements in response to the announcement that Madison Square Garden in New York City is planning on hosting a rodeo event in June. The event will be a three-day competition called Rodeo New York and it will featuring bull riding and calf roping.

Rodeo New York will happen around Father's Day and it will be the first rodeo to be held inside MSG in 30 years with more than 60 rodeo athletes competing for up to $1 million in prize money.

MSG does host a professional bull riding championship each January, but this event will feature events that the bull riding championship does not and that is where Rosenthal has issues.

She said, “It is shocking that MSG would host this brutality, it is deeply disturbing that a private company which receives a multi-million-dollar property tax abatement each year — $42 million last year alone — is hosting an event that violates the spirit of our State’s animal cruelty laws.”

As of now, the event is still scheduled to go on in June.

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