With all of the celebrating that often comes with the biggest day in football, have you ever wondered why it's not on a Saturday? A high school student from Rochester has, and he's now wrangling in supporters from across the country to change Super Bowl Sunday to Super Bowl... Saturday.

Frank Ruggeri from Rochester started a petition on change.org, writing that he thinks the change will get more money, visitors and television views for the big game. The teen told WHAM he hopes to get "tons and millions" of signatures in support of his idea. Today, the petition already has over 9,000 signatures and counting. Turns out Americans can think of a lot of reasons why the Super Bowl should be a day earlier.

Monica Kilgore from Richmond, Texas wrote, "The Monday after the Superbowl is wasted time." Toney Pack from Wayne, West Virginia added, "People going to church can not watch the game."

Ruggeri told WHAM he knows it'll be hard to get the NFL to actually change the date, but he's hopeful that he can start a movement.

"Hopefully, it just passes on, makes awareness," he told WHAM. "The small idea turns into big."

Find the growing petition here.

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