The last few days have been extremely busy in the Rhinebeck, New York area as they are just wrapping up the 177th Dutchess County Fair.

The fair brings thousands upon thousands of people from near and far to the fairgrounds. There are several routes to take to the fair, but one of the most popular routes is taking 9G to Violet Hill Road. Personally, I use the Neighbors Gun Club Turkey Shoot sign as my "you have to turn here" landmark when heading up to the fairgrounds.

Last week during the hustle and bustle of fair week, someone went out of their way to spray paint the above-mentioned sign with a misguided message.

Rhinebeck Sign Vandalized For The Wrong Reasons

Neighbors Gun Club, Facebook
Neighbors Gun Club, Facebook

On Friday, August 25th, Neighbors Gun Club in Rhinebeck shared photos of a sign at the intersection of Route 9G and Violet Hill Road in Rhinebeck. The sign, which belongs to the Gun Club, advertises its yearly Turkey Shoot on September 24th, 2023.

The sign was vandalized with neon orange spray paint with the words "Cowardly Murder" sprawled across the advertisement. The Neighbors Gun Club is calling on neighbors to help find the vandal.

In a statement, they wrote:

If anyone has information as to who vandalized our sign located at the intersection of RT 9G & Violet Hill Rd in Rhinebeck on 8-24-23 please message us. it was done during the day.
They then added a message to the person who vandalized the sign explaining that the "cowardly murder" accusation isn't actually correct.
Neighbors Gun Club explained:
For whoever did this let it be known we do not shoot live turkeys. We shoot paper targets, and the winner of each event receives a frozen turkey. Many of which go to those who need one for thanksgiving. This is why it's called a turkey shoot.
Shortly after sharing the photos of the vandalized sign, on August 26th, the Gun Club shared a photo that was shared with them of the alleged vandal:
If you have any information regarding the incident, reach out to the Rhinebeck Police Department at (845) 876-8181.

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