A number of Hudson Valley counties are now getting failing grades when it comes to following social distancing guidelines.

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Unacast uses data from cell phones to create a Social Distancing Scoreboard. Unacast figures out the scoreboard by tracking cellphones to see how much we are traveling now compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unacast gives each state a letter grade from A-F. The website constantly updates. Last week New York received a C- grade. As of Monday morning, New York was given an F.

New York earned a D grade for 25 - 40% Reduction in Average Mobility; an F grade for less than 55% Reduction in Non-Essential Visits; and an F for less than 40 Decrease in Encounters Density Compared to National Baseline.

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Last week counties in the Hudson Valley received the following grades:

  • Ulster County: C
  • Westchester County: C
  • Sullivan County: C-
  • Rockland County: C-
  • Orange County: D
  • Dutchess County: D
  • Putnam County: D
  • Columbia County: D

As of Monday morning, the Hudson Valley received the following grades:

    • Columbia County: D+
    • Ulster County: D
    • Westchester County: D
    • Sullivan County: D
    • Rockland County: D-
    • Orange County: F
    • Dutchess County: F
    • Putnam County: F

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